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A Cranial Subluxation - is a condition where movement of cranial plates at the sutures is reduced or absent. Like vertebral (spinal) subluxations, cranial subluxations cause health problems due to nerve pressure. 

Cranial Chiropractic - is that branch of chiropractic which specializes  in the detection and reduction and elimination of cranial subluxations. 

The cranium houses and protects the very delicate tissue of the brain - Until the mid 1970's, our understanding of the human cranium was derived from post mortem autopsy studies. These studies concluded that there is no movement between the plate-like bones that make up the cranium. It was believed that these plates fuse in early adulthood. With the development in the 1970's of an x-ray technique called  cinema-roentgenography, we were able for the first time to view the movement of cranial bones in living subjects! 

Cranial Sutures - which are represented by the lines that you see on the skull, are actually joints, as are your knees or elbows. In healthy individuals, the bones of the cranium make subtle, almost imperceptible movements.

The proper movement of cranial bones is critical to proper brain function. This proper movement allows the normal brain to expand and contract as necessary thereby preventing an increase in intracranial pressure (nerve pressure).  An increase in cranial pressure can cause a disruption of proper brain function due to increased nerve pressure to the delicate brain tissue. 

Blye Cranial Technique - is a highly effective method developed by Dr. John S. Blye which is based on the principles of chiropractic and a new model of disease called the Chronic Regional Encephalitis / Cranial Subluxation Resistance Model - or the E/R Model. It allows doctors to find and correct cranial subluxations safely and effectively.  


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