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The E/R Model - The  Chronic Regional Encephalitis / Cranial Subluxation Resistance Model of Dis-ease was developed by Dr. Blye in order to address the needs of millions of people who experience a low grade encephalitis as the result of a wide range of causes. Among them:

bullethead injury 
bulletburns, including sunburn

The E/R Model is based on a new understanding of encephalitis ( Inflammation of the brain).  Inflammation is the primary process by which the body reorganizes damaged tissue. It is both normal and desirable. Signs of inflammation are redness, pain, heat, and swelling. Normally in the inflammatory process there is a beginning, middle and an end. In his new E/R model, Dr. Blye suggests that inflammation of the brain may be ongoing (chronic). He also suggests that inflammation may be limited to one or more portions, or regions, of the brain. And finally, this new model suggests that chronic regional swelling of the brain causes an increase in intracranial pressure, which then effects brain function, resulting in dis-ease.

The E/R Model theorizes that health problems are very frequently the result of two coinciding phenomena:

bullet1. Chronic Regional Encephalitis - swelling of various regions of the brain. Encephalitis may be:
bulletregional - affecting one or more brain lobes or lobe parts.
bulletsub clinical - not producing crisis level symptoms.
bullet2. Cranial Subluxation Resistance - the locking up of the cranial bones that protect the brain. 

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