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Blye Cranial Technique (BCT) is based on the basic chiropractic premises that: 

bulletAll matter is organized
bulletLiving matter re-organizes
bulletHealth is the ability (ease) of living tissue to re-organize so that it can:
bulletrepair damaged tissue
bulletadapt to changes in the environment
bulletAdaptation and repair occur on a micro-second to micro-second basis

The theory that nerve pressure causes dis-ease has been a mainstay of the chiropractic profession for over one hundred years - and continues today as the basis for finding and correcting vertebral AND cranial subluxations. 

Blye Cranial Technique:

bulletAddresses cranial subluxations
bulletIs a powerful adjunct to spinal chiropractic care
bulletIs based on the E/R Model (Chronic Regional Encephalitis /Cranial Subluxation Resistance Model) of disease.
bulletUses reactive leg length testing and patient assisted challenging to determine the exact location of the subluxation and line of drive for correction.
bulletUses an adjusting instrument to make the adjustments safely
bulletCan be easily integrated into the chiropractic practice, as it takes less than two minutes to do the exam and adjustments

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