Causes of Encephalitis

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Encephalitis Producing Agents (EPA's) - are any agents that  are capable of producing brain swelling (encephalitis). There are over 1000 EPA's that are known today.

All of the following cause encephalitis:

bulletBrain Injury
bulletas the result to a direct blow to the head (effects may be long term)
bulletas the result of jarring the body; even in the absence of blow to the head,  jarring produces indirect trauma.
bulletYeast - Candida albicans, etc.
bulletMolds - Penecillium, Aspergillus, etc.
bulletBacteria -Tetanus, Pneumococcus. bacterial meningitis 
bulletViruses - West Nile Virus, viral meningitis, Lyme's Disease, etc.)
bulletSevere Burn
bulletPoisoning (Neurotoxins)
bulletHeavy Metals
bulletPesticides & Herbicides
bulletSolvents & Cleaners
bulletCosmetics & Perfumes
bulletFood Additives
bulletHousehold Construction & Furniture
bulletDrugs, Vaccinations, Dental Fillings

Causes of Encephalitis
Chronic Regional Encephalitis
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