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Today many illnesses are caused by the body's inability to adapt to a toxic environment - A key concept here is that of an "inability to adapt", not necessarily the environment itself, though clearly the environment needs to be addressed. That adaptation failure is an important component and is made obvious by the fact that, in the same environment, one person will thrive, while another may become seriously ill, and another may die as a result of the adverse effects of these toxins. 

For people to thrive in a toxic world two things are necessary:

bulletToxins must be removed from the environment to the greatest extent possible. As the result of the the anti-environment policies of many world governments, a less toxic world may be years in the future. Where each individual has the greatest control over the environment is in his or her own home. It is important that toxic cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products, building materials, and household furnishings be identified and replaced with non-toxic products. 
bulletThe body must be strengthened in order to enhance its ability to adapt and thrive in a toxic world. A healthy, vital, and alive body has the innate ability to naturally detoxify itself. It is only when a person's health is compromised that it loses its innate ability to detoxify, heal, and regenerate.

Toxicity and Subluxations - "the Chicken and the Egg" - Those who suffer from multiple long standing subluxations are often easily overwhelmed by toxins because the body has lost much of its ability to effectively adapt to the environment. 

There is a progression of toxicity and disease:

bulletfrom the parts in direct contact with the environment (the skin, lungs, mouth, stomach) to the body's core (the brain and spinal cord).
bulletfrom the least vital to the deepest and most vital - the spinal cord and brain. 

When toxins invade the nervous system, it produces inflammation - which causes swelling of the tissue, which in turn causes pressure on the nerve (a subluxation). The most dangerous of all subluxations is the cranial subluxation. 

Once toxicity has invaded the nervous system an effective detoxification program must be initiated.  For some patients, regular chiropractic care to remove subluxations combined with eliminating toxic substances from their home and / or work environment and replacing them with non-toxic products will reduce sufficiently the toxic burden that was overwhelming the body allowing the body's innate detoxification mechanisms to work efficiently once again. Others may need an extensive detoxification program in addition to cranial and spinal chiropractic care. 

The danger of using external detoxification agents (both oral and injected) to remove toxins - is that in addition to removing toxins they also remove vital nutrients that are needed by the body to maintain health. Serious nutrient deficiencies can result. In addition, most external detoxification agents do nothing to activate the body's innate mechanisms of healing, regeneration, and detoxification, leaving the body vulnerable to toxins in the future. 

The importance of using methods that activate the body's innate mechanisms of detoxification - When the body's detoxification mechanisms are functioning optimally, the body will naturally eliminate what is not needed and what is toxic. Unlike external detoxification agents, they DO NOT  eliminate vital nutrients needed by the body along with the toxic waste that is being removed. This is the value of Bamberger Detox Method.

Bamberger Detoxification and Renewal Method was developed by Dr. Lynn Bamberger to help help her patients to thrive in a toxic world. It uses a combination of structural (mechanical) and energetic cranial and spinal chiropractic adjustments to remove cranial and spinal subluxations which interfere with the body's innate detoxification mechanisms. As subluxations are corrected, the body will become increasingly more resilient and better able naturally detoxify itself, and in so doing, more effectively adapt to, even thrive in, a toxic environment. In most patients, the need for external agents to induce detoxification is greatly reduced or eliminated using BDM. Learn more

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