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Conditions that may be influenced by cranial subluxations 

bulletNeurological Disorders - See list of conditions
bulletMental and Emotional Conditions - See list of conditions
bulletImmunological Disorders - See list of conditions
bulletThe Plate Specific Headache - a specific type of headache that has eluded most chiropractors and medical doctors. It is a headache that serves as a warning that a specific cranial bone is subluxated. Now using Blye Cranial Technique these conditions can be effectively corrected.  

Cranial Brain Mapping - In his ground breaking cranial brain mapping research Dr. Blye is now finding that specific conditions are often associated with specific cranial subluxations. His finding are presented to doctors who participate in the Blye Cranial Technique Advanced Seminar. 

Note to doctors using Blye Cranial Technique: If you have successfully treated conditions using Blye Cranial Technique and would like to publish your findings on this site, please use our Case Study Report Form


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