Cranial Subluxation Resistance

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The link between encephalitis and cranial subluxations - When Dr. Blye was introduced to Dr. Harris Coulter's writings on Post Vaccination Encephalitis, he recognized that chronic encephalitis may be the underlying cause for many health problems, and that it plays a vital role in cranial subluxation related conditions. He asked himself .....

bulletWhat if that which is considered permanent damage by medical physicians is trapped chronic inflammation that has simply been unable to resolve itself?
bulletWhat if that trapped inflammation were treatable?

In order for encephalitis to remain ongoing (become chronic), there must exist a resistive force -  In the absence of such a force, the inflammatory process would simply conclude and related symptoms would disappear. Dr. Blye theorized that the resistive force acts as an irritant, maintaining the inflammation in an ongoing manner. In the skull, the resistive force is the Cranial Subluxation.

The Cranial Subluxation offers resistance  - Because there is no movement (or insufficient movement) at the articulation of one cranial plate with another, the cranium is unable to expand to accommodate the brain swelling.  This effectively contains and traps the inflammatory process producing a slight, but significant, increase in Intracranial pressure (ICP). Increased ICP becomes the irritant, as well as the mechanism for production of symptoms, which perpetuates the inflammatory process, making it chronic. 

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