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The Quest to Unleash the Healing Power of the Human Brain - During his twenty five years in practice, Dr. John Blye found that, while there are many conditions that respond favorably to spinal chiropractic care, there were others that did not,  among them multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's, cancer, many mental disorders, many migraine and other types of headaches, Parkinson's Disease, etc. It became increasingly obvious that if the cause of these non-responsive conditions was nerve pressure (nerve interference), that nerve pressure had to be in the brain. He reasoned that as there are vertebral (spinal) subluxations, there must also be cranial subluxations. 

A Cranial Subluxation occurs when one of the 8 cranial plates becomes locked up with another plate AND when that lockup results in nerve pressure affecting functioning of the brain or brainstem. 

Cranial Fixations - We use the term fixation to describe a locking of the cranial bones in the absence of nerve pressure. The goal of the cranial chiropractor is to find and correct subluxations of the skull, just as the goal of the spinal chiropractor is to find and correct subluxations of the vertebrae. 

Causes of Cranial Subluxations 

bulletTrauma (physical, mental, or emotional)
bulletToxins - mainly neurotoxins
bulletAutosuggestion (what you tell yourself)


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