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What Doctors Have to Say about Blye Cranial Technique

Unlike other technique classes I have taken, I'm really intrigued by this work. You have developed a protocol that is do-able.  I really believe you are on to something big here - maybe bigger than the original chiropractic concept. Now that's staggering!!! -- Clyde Johnson, D.C.-- Tacoma, WA

I have studied various cranial techniques including Sacral Occipital, Applied Kinesiology, Neural Organization, and Cranial Sacral. While I have found value in these methods, I have also found them to be too cumbersome to integrate easily with the Neuro-detox work that I do. Blye Cranial Technique's wonderfully simple approach to cranial adjusting has all the power of other cranial techniques, is solidly based on sound chiropractic and scientific principles, and because of its simplicity was easy to integrate into my practice. My patients love the added dimension that cranial adjusting brings to the care they receive from me. I highly recommend this seminar to all chiropractors, including those with high volume practices. -- Lynn Bamberger, D.C.-- Everett, WA

Great Seminar!!!... Why does cranial adjusting have to be so difficult, when you have made it so easy and reproducible? -- James Patten, DC -- Yakima, WA

This is not brain surgery... It's far more effective. -- Eric Hansen, DC -- Redmond, WA

After several types of cranial seminars with other instructors, this seminar is informative, the technique easy to implement and a great value for any practitioner. -- Chris Williams, DC -- Cave Creek, AZ

Much more than I expected - Blew me away!  ...One of the most compelling seminars in years.. All DC's should know the info and technique.  -- Dave Middendorf, DC -- Port Orchard, WA

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