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Bamberger Detoxification and Renewal Method (BDRM) activates the body's innate healing and detoxification mechanisms and open escape routes through which toxins can exit the body. The program works in accordance with the body's own innate detoxification priorities. It is designed to work in conjunction  with chiropractic care. In some cases adjunctive dietary, homeopathic, herbal and nutritional support may be utilized, but these interventions are minimal because when the body's healing and detoxification priorities are honored, supported and enhanced, usually little else is needed. The body will naturally heal and detoxify itself.

Detoxification and the Body's Innate Intelligence - Health and balance are the body's natural state. Sometimes a little nudge in the right direction is all that is needed to activate the body's innate ability to detoxify itself naturally. BDRM was designed to give the nudge that the body needs an its Innate Intelligence does the rest!

There are 8 Levels in the Detoxification Process - BDRM  addresses each of these levels in accordance with the body's natural detoxification priorities.

bulletDuring each level, the care appropriate for that level is given. 
bulletEach level prepares the way for the next phase. Unless  a phase is completed successfully, the next phase will not have the necessary foundation for the tasks of that phase to be successful.
bulletEach phase addresses both detoxification and re-building, so that upon completion of the detox program the body will be better able to adapt to toxic exposures than it was in the past before it became ill.
bulletThis phase oriented system helps prevent a "toxic yo-yo effect" - which is a process by which toxins are stirred up in the body, but the body is not able to eliminate them, so they resettle once again in the body.
bulletThe aim of this program is to help patients to live fully in the real world - which unfortunately, is highly toxic, rather than needing to escape from it, due to its toxic nature that the body is not able to handle. 

BDRM Levels of Detoxification

LEVEL 1 -- Initiation - Due to a combination of multiple long standing subluxations and a toxic burden that has overwhelmed the body's innate detoxification mechanisms, many people lack the vitality necessary to detoxify on a cellular level.  
bulletEnvironmental toxins are identified and replaced with non-toxic products.
bulletLifestyle changes (dietary and exercise) that will support the natural detoxification process are gradually initiated
bulletBDM's unique substance specific adjustments help the body to begin to cope with the toxic burden. 
LEVEL 2 -- Opening and supporting the superficial detoxification channels - which are  the "escape routes" through which toxins leave the body. Treatment is aimed at activating the body's detoxification and elimination systems (urinary, digestive, respiratory, skin), so they can fully support detoxification. Toxicity in this level can produce a wide range of symptoms including a general feeling of fatigue and simply feeling "not quite right" 

LEVEL 3 -- Non-specific detoxification - This level detoxifies the fluids surrounding the cell while supporting the movement of toxins from inside the cell into these fluids. As long as level 2 channels are activated these toxins will be able to exit the body. Toxicity in this fluid may cause a build up of toxins in connective and fatty tissue leading to obesity, and joint and muscle aches and pains. Toxicity inside the cell can lead to a wide number of chronic and possibly life threatening illnesses. 

LEVEL 4 -- Organ Specific Detoxification - This level of detoxification care focuses  on activating and detoxifying specific organs and glands that did not respond fully to Level 3 care. Level 4 brings the body into a greater functional wholeness. Toxicity on this level produces diseases specific to the organ and gland that are toxic and / or not fully activated.

LEVEL 5 -- Toxin Specific Detoxification - In this phase specific toxins, such as heavy metals, that are bound to specific binding sites in the cell are released. Toxicity at this level produces a wide variety of diseases

LEVEL 6 -- Encapsulated Toxins - In this phase toxins that have accumulated in the cells and over the years have become encapsulated in the body's efforts to minimize damage to the cell are removed from the cell. These encapsulated toxins can predispose the body to tumor formation.

LEVEL 7 -- Regeneration - Once the body is detoxified, it is now able to heal from the deepest levels unimpeded by the toxins, that had previously blocked the body's ability to heal and regenerate itself. 

LEVEL 8 -- Support, Maintenance, Wellness Care - There was a time when the body was healthy. Over time it became increasingly toxic, and as a result increasingly ill. Level 8 is the level of "eternal vigilance". Regular check ups will make sure that the body is able to maintain health, and that its healing and detox mechanisms are fully functioning. 

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