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Question - Dr Blye, you explain your new model as the E/R Model of Dis-ease. Why not disease?

Dr. Blye - In the philosophy of chiropractic, there is a big difference between the concepts of disease and dis-ease. Disease is more of a medical concept, one that defines each health problem as a unique, separate entity. In the  medical model, each disease requires a unique treatment approach as well. In the chiropractic model, dis-ease is best described as a "departure from health." If we understand heath to be a the ability of a living tissue to reorganize itself for repair and adaptation, then the healthy body can be described as one that repairs and adapts to environmental change with ease: any reduction in that capability would represent a degree of "dis-ease." The goal of classical medicine is to treat the disease. The goal of chiropractic is to return the patient to a greater level of health, or "ease".

Question - Dr Blye, are you saying that all brain dysfunction is due only to nerve pressure and swelling, and not due to other causes?

Dr. Blye - Not at all! What I am saying is that some brain dysfunction that we previously thought of as due to brain damage may in fact be due to nerve pressure. This may explain the dynamic nature of most disease and suggests that conditions such as fibromyalgia, Alzheimer's Disease, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, currently considered either difficult to treat or untreatable, may actually respond to appropriate treatment. 

Question - You talk in your seminars about swelling in different regions of the brain. How do you know this? 

Dr. Blye - By the clinical presentations of different patients. During the first years of the development of this technique, I realized that I could detect and correct very specific listings (subluxations) of the cranial bones. Not only could I determine WHICH cranial bones were in trouble; I could also tell HOW they were in trouble. As I continued to investigate, it became apparent that people with specific complaints (for example: confusion, disorientation, reading difficulties, blood pressure problems, headaches, whole-body pain patterns, anger, allergies, skin problems, etc., etc., etc.,) had specific cranial subluxation patterns. I have repeatedly found the same patterns in different people with the same complaints. Correcting the patterns causes the complaint to disappear, far more often than not, even in cases with 20 or more years of complaints. 

Question - Are you helping people with mental and emotional problems? 

Dr. Blye - Yes. Doctors using this technique have helped people with problems ranging from memory issues to suicide issues. The E/R Model helps to explain why, for some people at least, their mental conditions have been so dynamic, so UP one day and DOWN the next. People with clinical depression, general anxiety disorder, panic disorder and rage have all reported substantial or complete recovery, WITHOUT drugs.

Question - You mention that there more than 1000 Neurotoxic agents out there. Can you name a few of the most common or serious ones? 

Dr. Blye - Mercury, Aspartame, propylene glycol (shampoos, etc.), lead, formaldehyde, alcohol. All these substances appear to cause brain damage, at least enough to cause brain swelling. All of these substances, if consumed in enough quantity over a short enough period of time, cause death. And in all cases of neurotoxic death, encephalitis (brain swelling) is the proximate cause.


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