Healing and Detoxification

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A Natural Order in Healing

Healing progresses in an accordance with a natural order. This order has been studied in depth by physicians for hundreds of years. Natural healing progresses from:

bulletthe inside (the body's innate intelligence, which is the inner physician) to the outside
bulletabove to below - (head and spirit to feet and earth)
bullet most vital organs, glands, and body systems to the least vital, as a means to maintain life
bulletthe most recent illness to unresolved illnesses in the most distant past

A toxic condition arising at any time during the resolution of an illness, which are not effectively handled by the body and removed, will cause a blockage to the the natural progression of healing at the level in which the unresolved toxicity arises.  

Current Approaches to Detoxification

Detoxification in the natural order in which the body heals - (as described above) - under the assumption that this will support and enhance the body's natural healing order and priorities. An example of this would be a doctor detecting abnormally high levels mercury in a patient, and then initiating a mercury detox to remove the mercury. 

Dr. Bamberger has found that: 

bulletIf the superficial organs of detoxification are not functioning optimally, some or all of the mercury will not be able to exit the body. 
bulletIf toxins are mobilized by a detox program, but are not able to exit the body, the patient will feel quite ill during the process. 
bulletIf the toxins are not able to exit the body, they will again be deposited in the body, either in the same place they were stored initially or in other organs, glands, or body systems.

Symptom based detoxification - Addresses the organs and glands that appear to be producing the given sets of symptoms that a patient is experiencing. If a doctor is using this approach and a patient experiences stomach pains, a stomach detoxification program would be initiated. The same would occur if brain, liver, skin or heart symptoms were present. This approach is the result of the influence of symptom oriented traditional medical care on alternative medicine. 

Dr. Bamberger has found that:  

bulletSymptoms are an indicator, not a definitive diagnostic tool. The stomach pains may be be caused by dis-ease elsewhere in the body (referred pain). If this is the case, a stomach detox will be of no value.
bulletUnless the body's healing and detoxification priorities are supported the body will become confused  and disoriented by the interventions that run contrary to its natural orders and will ultimately loose its innate ability to coordinate and control body function as a result of these confusing interventions. At this point healing becomes most difficult to accomplish. 

Detoxification in accordance with the body's natural order of detoxification

Dr. Bamberger has found that:

bulletThe body has an innate detoxification order that works in the opposite direction as does its innate healing mechanisms - Effective detoxification moves from superficial to deep, allowing toxins exit the body, via the same routing that it entered. This supports natural healing in its movement from deep to superficial, since the toxins on these deep levels will be able to exit the body.  

Bamberger Detox and Renewal Method

bullet works to open the detoxification channels, so that toxins can exit the body.
bullethonors the body's innate detoxification priorities, so that the body can detoxify from the most superficial to the deepest levels - and true healing can take place - Learn More

Healing and Detoxification
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