Intro to Cranial Subluxations - Level 1

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Introduction to Cranial Subluxations - Level 1(8 hours CEU) 

In this introductory seminar Dr. John Blye will introduce seminar participants to the basics of Blye Cranial Technique (BCT), as a powerful adjunct to spinal chiropractic care. BCT is based on the E/R Model (Chronic Regional Encephalitis /Cranial Subluxation Resistance Model) of disease. In this combination lecture - workshop format you will learn:

bulleta new model of dis-ease based on chiropractic principles
bulletwhy we must adjust above the atlas in treating the chiropractic patient
bulletwhy cranial chiropractic is a necessary aspect of chiropractic care
bulletbasic cranial anatomy and physiology
bulletthe secrets of closed head injuries 
bulletthe danger of neurotoxins
bulletthe impact that the combination of cranial subluxation resistance AND chronic regional encephalitis have on health
bullethow to use reactive leg length testing and patient assisted challenging to determine the exact location of a cranial subluxation and the line of drive necessary for correction.   
bulleta fast, safe, effective way to locate cranial subluxations
bullethow to use an adjusting instrument to safely make the cranial adjustments
bullethow to do the cranial exam and make the cranial adjustments in less than two minutes
bulletsome of of the conditions influenced by cranial chiropractic care
To Register - Call (425) 775-4533 - You must pre-register to reserve a space, as seating is limited. Reserve your space with a check, Visa, or Master Card. 
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