Intro to Neuro-Detoxification - Module 1

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How to Thrive in Toxic Soup
Module 1 - Breaking the Cycle of Toxicity and Subluxation - An Introduction to Chiropractic Clinical Detoxification - (12 hours CEU's) - 

Learn what you can do to help yourself, your family, and your patients THRIVE in the midst of an increasingly toxic environment.

In this introductory seminar Lynn Bamberger, D.C. will present detoxification methods that are based on CHIROPRACTIC principles and rely on CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS combined with a CHIROPRACTIC LIFESTYLE, rather than depending solely on external agents. DC’s will learn how, through working with a chiropractic detoxification assistant they can easily integrate clinical detoxification even into high volume practices.

NEW!! – Detoxification Specialist Training for Chiropractic Assistants, Reiki Practitioners, and Massage Therapists, which will allow them to do the time consuming aspects of detoxification (testing and education), allowing even high volume practices to offer detoxification services to their patients.

 Extensive manuals for Doctors and Detox Assistants are included.

Seminar topics include:

bulletWhy detoxification is important to ALL chiropractic patients
bulletWhy chiropractic care is important for ALL toxic patients
bulletWhy many chelation and detox programs fail and what you can do to help patients get well.
bulletWhy toxicity may be the hidden cause of many chronic persistent subluxations and other health conditions
bulletThe relationship between toxicity and subluxations, and how to break the toxicity-subluxation cycle
bulletHow to identify and address the increasing danger of neurotoxins in chiropractic practice
bulletHow to identify which substances are toxic to a patient
bulletWhy detoxification is about more than toxic chemicals
bulletThe relationship between toxicity and allergies, and how to address them in clinical practice
bulletThe role of diet and exercise in detoxification
bulletHow to use specific ADJUSTMENTS to activate the body's innate healing mechanisms so that the body can detoxify itself naturally, rather than rely  on external agents
bulletHow to assist patients in becoming toxin resilient and why this is important
bulletHow unresolved trauma, mental-emotional distress, and auto-suggestions promote physical toxicity and hinder detoxification
bulletWhat the body's innate detoxification priorities are why working in accordance with them is important

Seminar registration – Call (425) 355-4176 to reserve a space in the seminar or for further information

Seminar fees - For registrations received after October 13 - Add $35  Late Fee


Doctors and Assistants - $275 ... Refresher - $175.


Patients - $150 to attend Saturday session.


Refund Policy – A full refund will be given if request for refund is received prior to October 10.

Upcoming Seminars

October 16 & 17, 2004 - Auburn WA


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