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Some Common Neurotoxins:

bulletPropylene Glycol

Neurotoxins have a marked affinity for nerve tissue, are poisonous or destructive to nerve tissue, and produce a fatty degeneration of:

bulletthe myelin sheath of peripheral nerves
bulletwhite matter of the brain and spinal cord
bulletcertain other tissues, such as the heart muscle

Diseases with a neurotoxic component are on the rise - Among them are:

bulletautism - which many experts now believe to be related to the Thimerosol (mercury) found in vaccines.
bulletsocial phobias
bulletchemical sensitivities
bulletlearning disabilities

The neurotoxic burden - While there may be isolated instances where only one encephalitis producing agent or event causes the total symptom picture that a patient is experiencing, what usually happens is that there is an accumulation of events and agents, which by themselves produce either no symptoms at all or only very mild symptoms. Over time, often over a period of years, the cumulative effect of these agents and events gradually weaken the individual and symptoms begin to develop. Then there comes a time when the weakened individual is exposed to one more  event or agent and his health becomes seriously compromised. It may appear that this one event our exposure caused the disease, but in reality that one was simply the "straw that broke the camel's back" because the weakened body could not effectively adapt to the exposure on top of the previously existing neurotoxic burden.

Indicators of an increasing neurotoxic burden:

bulletalcohol sensitivity
bulletperiods of confusion 
bulletmild ataxia
bulletmemory loss, eventually Altzheimer's
bulletfood and environmental allergies
bulletincreasing amounts of body fat that are difficult to loose
bulletmuscle and joint pain, including fibromyalgia and other pain syndromes
bulletdepression, anxiety, and other disturbances to optimal mental and emotional functioning
bulletchronic fatigue
bulletlearning disabilities
bulletand more...




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