Chronic Ear Infection

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I brought my son, William, to Dr. Blye when he was 23 months old. William had been diagnosed by our pediatrician with chronic ear and sinus infections, and with enlarged and infected tonsils. He had been on an antibiotic for almost twelve weeks straight. Our pediatrician recommended we see an ear, nose and throat specialist.
William had suffered ear and sinus infections almost continually from birth. He had colic as an infant, had been on an antibiotic for infections at least six times in his first year and rarely slept through the night. As he grew older, his night screams were punctuated with cries of "ouch" and "owee". In general he was cranky and irritable. His nose was thickly congested with mucus and often his eyes would tear. He began taking allergy medicine at 21 months.

A friend urged me to take William to Dr. Blye to investigate whether chiropractic care could clear up his ear and sinus infections. I made an appointment with Dr. Blye for the next day, and with the ear, nose and throat specialist for a week later. I chose not to begin the latest round of antibiotics prescribed by our pediatrician.

Dr. Blye found William's spinal and skull subluxations and we began to see immediate results from the adjustments. After one adjustment, William's nose began to run clear. After his second adjustment, he had no nasal discharge and no watery eyes. After three adjustments he saw the ear, nose and throat specialist. The specialist found no fluid in his ears, no sinus infection, and a clear throat and tonsils. This was just seven days after being diagnosed a chronic case by our pediatrician, and with no medicine!

William has slept through the night every night since his first adjustment. He is much more even tempered and his appetite has doubled. He has never looked so healthy. When he comes into Dr. Blye's office for adjustments he turns his head toward Dr. Blye and after the adjustment asks for more.

Before seeing Dr. Blye I felt totally helpless. Dr. Blye and his chiropractic care has empowered me. For the first time I feel like I have control over my children's health.

Heather S -- 11/5/01

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