Headaches and Migraines

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I first met Dr. Blye through my mother, who has been his patient for many years.  One day, I was taking a seminar in South Everett, WA and suddenly, my neck "went out" on me.. I could hardly move my head, and I needed to travel about 50 miles, to my home in Kent, WA.  I talked to my mom, and she suggested that I go see Dr. Blye.  He adjusted me, and I was able to make the trip home in relative comfort, and I was able to wait to get into see my regular chiropractor in Kent.
A couple of years passed, I was working in downtown Seattle, and started to get migraine headaches.  I had never had them before, and they were extremely painful!  I was taking all kinds of prescription medications for the headaches and they were not easing up at all.  One day, my mom went in for her regular visit with Dr. Blye, and she mentioned to him that I was having these horrible migraines.  By this time, I was pretty much in constant pain, with them easing up, just to start up again.  This happened over and over, all day and all night!  Dr. Blye suggested to her to have me come in and see him, that he could heal my migraines.  So, I went in for my first visit.  My pain level at that time was about a 7 or 8 on a scale of 10.  Very painful!!!  Dr. Blye did his special cranial technique on me and I immediately felt relief.  My pain level dropped to about a 4.  He had me return a few days later for another adjustment.  At that point, my pain level dropped to almost non-existent!  Dr. Blye had me return one more time, just to be safe.  I have been migraine free for three years!  I swear by Dr. Blye's treatment!!  I recommend him to all of my friends who develop migraine headaches or any other type of subluxation.  Thank you Dr. Blye!!!
Cathi Hoffman
Sumner, WA

Headaches and Migraines
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