Panic Attacks

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I began seeing Dr. John Blye 5 years ago when we moved from another city. My husband and I had been having regular chiropractic adjustments for many years. I also had been suffering from panic attacks for more than 20 years.

When Dr. Blye first introduced his cranial adjustments, he included me in his “study”. I was skeptical at first, but continued to pursue my once a month adjustments, including the cranial adjustments, I figured that I had tried everything else (will no real success) and therefore I had nothing to lose.

When I first started seeing Dr. Blye, I was having daily panic attacks. Some days I would have multiple attacks. Dr. Blye found that I had numerous cranial subluxations. He began to work on adjusting the cranial points and in a short time my panic attacks were becoming less frequent. After a few months of cranial adjustments, my panic attacks were no longer a daily or weekly event.

Then the joyous day came when I walked in to his office and told him that I had gone a full month without having a panic attack! I can now go sometimes for several months without a panic attack. When I do experience the return of a panic attack, I go in for an adjustment and he always finds at least one of the cranial points were out of alignment. I feel that I have been given the gift of a new life without the frequency and severity of living on a daily basis with panic attacks. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Blye and his work in cranial subluxations.

Barbara Cash

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