Subluxations and Dis-ease

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Disease and dis-ease: a medical and a chiropractic perspective -  

When there is a subluxation present, a part of the nervous system ceases to function optimally. At this point the body is in a state of "dis-ease". When dis-ease is present:

bulletthe ability of  the nervous system coordinate and control body function is reduced, and a set of symptoms, often vague, develop.
bulletthe body is less able to fully express life and as a result people often report feeling only partly alive. 

At the point when "dis-ease" develops, a person may go to his medical physician because he does not feel well, but the MD will find no medically diagnosable condition. Over time, if this dis-ease is not treated, it will progress into a state of "disease", which can be diagnosed medically because the condition has progressed to the point where:

bulletthe body's chemistry has been altered to a level where it can be detected through laboratory diagnosis. 
bulletthe condition of the cells, tissues, and organs will have deteriorated to the point where these changes can be seen through medical diagnostic tools. 

The medical definition of "disease" - is based on a specific set of lab findings that exist in association with a specific set of symptoms.

The chiropractic definition of "dis-ease" - is based on the subluxations that cause the dis-ease, which ultimately manifests as disease. 

Chiropractors address the subluxations, that if left untreated can cause disease, rather than focusing on the disease itself. While chiropractic does not directly treat disease, chiropractic care can positively influence many medically diagnosed conditions. The work of a chiropractor is to find and remove subluxations that cause dis-ease and ultimately disease. Once the subluxations are removed, the body is able to heal itself. 

Why have I not been told about subluxations? There are several reasons why you may not have heard of subluxations or of the importance of removing subluxations.

bulletAlthough there are many excellent scientific studies on chiropractic and subluxations, medical journals refuse to publish research studies on subluxations, that validate the effectiveness of chiropractic, and therefore it remains largely misunderstood. 
bulletMedicine and what it does are controlled by the pharmaceutical industry whose interest is the corporate financial bottom line. 
bulletMany chiropractors today use chiropractic as a form of physical therapy to treat neck and back pain, rather than as a holistic vitalistic form of healing that restores the whole person to wellness. 

Subluxations and Dis-ease
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